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12″ Outdoor Griddle

GR-12 Single Burner Griddle

Whether you're cooking pancakes, burgers, grilled cheese, or scrambled eggs, this heavy-duty stainless steel griddle provides the durability and performance you need to get the job done. The 3/4″ thick steel cooking surface heats evenly throughout for consistent cooking results, no matter where you place food on the griddle plate. Designed to provide the ultimate in performance and durability. Built to the highest commercial standards to ensure years of trouble free service, featuring superior frame construction and stainless steel exterior for easy maintenance.

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Product Description

-Stainless steel front and sides
-Compact design for counter top use
-Heavy, highly polished 3/4” steel griddle plate
-21” cooking depth
-3″ Splash guard standard
-3 1/2″ wide stainless steel grease trough and a large grease pan.
-30,000 BTU/hr. steel “U” burners
-Stainless steel standing pilots for instant ignition of each burner.
-Durable die cast, chrome plated control knobs

12″ Griddle
Width: 12″
Depth: 30″
Height: 10 1/2″
Burners: 1
Total BTU: 30,000