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Will your cabinets, barbeques and accessories fit well with kitchens from other brands?

Our products fit best with each other but they can still be a good fit with kitchens from other manufacturers. If you find that the dimensions of our products don’t fit your kitchen, please ask if we can make specific modifications.

How do I place my order?

An outdoor kitchen is unique to every end user and outdoor setting it will be used in. Once you choose all your products online and send us a quote request, one of our design experts will gladly guide you through the process.

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is a solid metal alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. The chromium in stainless steel combines with oxygen in normal environments to form a ‘chromium oxide’ or passive film layer on the surface. This protects the iron in stainless steel from deteriorating from corrosive agents or creating rust. There are many different grades of stainless.

What does Marine Grade mean?

316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade) has roughly 2-3% Molybdenum, which increases corrosion resistance, particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents.

316 Stainless Steel is commonly used in commercial or industrial applications, as well as high-saline environments like coastal regions and outdoor areas where de-icing salts are common.

What is the Sustainability of Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. On average, most new stainless steel items contains 60% recycled content. Steel products can be recycled repeatedly without loss of strength.

Can I customize any of the cabinets?

Yes. All our cabinets are designed and crafted in-house. If you can’t find an option or upgrade availability on the product page, just ask us.

Other than preventing rust, why should I choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel is an extremely durable, easy to clean and naturally eliminates odours. Stainless steel holds its shape against high pressure, high heat and over long periods of time. Stainless steel will hold their own in the pressures of your kitchen and save you money in the long run.